Debut thriller ready for pre-order

I have some exciting news! 

My debut psychological thriller, THE FAMILY TREE, is now available for pre-order in ebook format on Amazon. If you are a member of the Kindle Unlimited, you can read the book for free!

The ebook will be live on October 1, 2021. Print format will be available at various online sites in mid-October, 2021.


You might have noticed that I have a new pen name for psychological thrillers, S. K. Grice. The reason is to simply to keep a distinct audience for each genre. Not everyone who reads romance likes thrillers, and vice versa. Having two names makes it easier for me to address each group based on their interest. 

Check out my S. K. Grice website here. 

I’m still writing romance, and my upcoming series, Monkey Business, is  the sweet and sexy rom-com my long-suffering readers have been waiting for! It’s a three book series, and I’m shooting to publish the first book by March, 2022 with the second book to follow a few months later. I’ll start posting the covers and excerpts in the upcoming weeks. 

So there you have it–my writing updates. Thanks for checking in!