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Jewel McIntyre is a cult escapee who arrives in town to find refuge with her half-sister. She trusts no one. But when a handsome and devilishly charming man offers her help, she’s torn between a burning attraction and the the strict morals she’d been forced to believe. 

This short story is part of a broader book in the Pine Lake series. If you enjoyed reading Skylar and Ethan’s story in Christmas at Pine Lake Mountain: A Pine Lake Novella (previously titled Three Snowy Nights), then you’ll love the story of Jewel and Tristan’s first meeting. 

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A cool breeze shook the vibrant yellow and scarlet leaves from the maple trees lining both sides of Main Street. The knot between my shoulder blades tightened, and I pulled my long brown cardigan across my chest, keeping my eyes on the sidewalk. I was free, but not safe.

     Though I was a thousand miles from the Tennessee compound, I kept looking over my shoulder to check if I was being followed. I’d arrived in New Hampshire last night, after traveling fifteen straight hours on three different buses until I reached this small town of Pine Lake.

     I shot another glance behind me. The dark-haired man in jeans and black leather jacket had trailed me for three blocks. Might be a coincidence. He didn’t look like one of The Protector’s goons. No gruff expression or action. This man was slower, sleeker, a sexy outsider.

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