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Pine Lake Series

Steamy romance in small-town New England.

The Pine Lake series is set in a fictional mountain lake area in New Hampshire.
The county’s population is growing. Come meet the residents and newcomers as they face life’s challenges,
and discover love along the way.

Christmas at Pine Lake: A Pine Lake Novella

A Stranger in Town: A Pine Lake Short Story


Monkey Business Series

Set in San Diego, California, this romance series follows the lives of three single career-driven girlfriends who are finishing a seven-year dating experiment involving a barrel of monkeys. Approaching thirty, they are ready to find love and marriage. Each book follows the life of one friend and her journey of romance and self-discovery, sometimes despite the barrel of monkeys.

Play My Heartstrings
Barrel of Monkeys
Book One

If You Stay
Barrel of Monkeys
Book Two

Barrel of Monkeys
Book Three

The Family Tree: A Psychological Thriller

The Family Tree: A psychological thriller - A stand-alone novel

A stand-alone novel